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Cables & Pipelines

High, medium and low-voltage cables, transport pipes several miles long, including gas pipes, distribution networks, tunnels and conduits, heating and cooling pipes... From simple to complex, Visser & Smit Hanab can engineer any project from A to Z.

From plan to project

The Design and Engineering department has all the tools and skills necessary to turn an idea into a plan and a plan into a project. We are versed in all aspects of the design and engineering process, from initiative, concept and feasibility study to the description and preliminary design, and from the tender design to the basic or final design. If the commissioning party already has a final design, we develop it further at detail level into an implementation design. The combination of our experience, statutory requirements and input from our clients guarantees an optimal end result.

CE marking

This department not only ‘draws' on its design experience, but is also responsible for safeguarding that the installation meets all specified requirements. To this end, our engineers use our quality and control system and produce designs according to European regulation requirements (CE marking). This marking means that a ‘product' or installation fulfils all the requirements for safety, health, the environment and consumer protection.

More information

Can we help you convert your idea into a plan? Or plan into a project? If so, please feel free to contact us, even if you are only interested in obtaining more information on our Design and Engineering department.