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Pipe inspection

Visser & Smit Hanab is a specialist in inspecting and cleaning pipes, or ‘pigging', as it is known, doing everything from make pipelines ‘piggable' to performing inspections and cleaning. We make it our goal to prevent disruptions and unnecessary maintenance.

Smart pigging

Pigging refers to cleaning and drying out pipes using a polyurethane foam ‘sponge' that moves through the lines. ‘Smart pigs' have a ‘train' of modules attached behind the sponge head. These can measure wall thicknesses and corrosion levels from inside the pipe. Smart pigging is more cost-effective and faster for inspections than digging up the lines.

Pig traps

Many pipelines are not piggable as standard. Such pipes do not have the special systems needed for launching and receiving the pig. Visser & Smit Hanab has therefore developed mobile ‘pig traps': high-pressure vessels that can be temporarily attached to a pipeline, allowing almost any pipe of at least four inches in diameter to be pigged. The data collected by the pig can then be used to draw up a maintenance plan for corrective and preventive maintenance.


More information

For more information about pigging or making your pipelines piggable, please feel free to contact us.