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Inspection and cleaning of (fire extinguishing water) pipes (pigging). Measuring and checking cables. Visser & Smit Hanab is a specialist. From making pipes piggable to pipe inspections and cleaning. We're happy to help prevent faults and unnecessary maintenance.

Intelligent pigging

Pigging is cleaning and drying pipes using a foam rubber 'sponge' that moves through the pipe. A 'train' of modules behind the sponge turns it into an intelligent 'pig'. This 'pig' measures the wall thickness and the extent of the corrosion from the inside. Intelligent pigging is a less expensive and quicker alternative to digging up pipes.

Pig traps

Many pipes are not 'piggable' as standard. There are no facilities to launch a pig and then retrieve it. As such, Visser & Smit Hanab developed mobile ‘pig traps'. High-pressure vessels that are temporarily mounted to a pipe and which, in theory, make it possible to pig every pipe larger than 4 inches. Based on the data that the pig gathers, a maintenance plan for corrective and preventive maintenance .

More information

For more information on inspections, pigging or making pipes piggable, please feel free to with us. We're happy to advise.