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Horizontal Directionally Drilled Wells are the newest hit in the world of directional drilling. With this revolutionary and sustainable solution, Visser & Smit Hanab has a new method at its disposal for groundwater extraction and collection.

Filter tube

Drinking water production, dike stabilisation, remediation, rainwater infiltration, groundwater management, geothermal heat storage and seawater collection: the possibilities with HDDW are endless. Through a horizontally drilled borehole, a filter tube is inserted into a water-bearing stratum or bed. Depending on the ultimate purpose, the filter tube can be used for water extraction or infiltration.

Sustainable battle

Horizontal Directionally Drilled Wells have various advantages. The HDDW produces water at a constant quality and volume. As an added benefit, horizontal wells are less expensive to operate because they require fewer wells and pumps and less maintenance. Moreover, an HDWW can be an effective water purification tool. By using the HDWW to remediate the water, you can combat contaminated groundwater and rainwater runoff.

More information

Want more information about HDDW? Curious about possible projects? Need advice on a particular problem? Please feel free to contact us or visit www.hddw.com