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East Anglia One Wind Farm cable Termination and Testing contract awarded

Actueel | 02 april 2019
High Voltage offshore wind specialist Visser & Smit Hanab has been awarded the contract to perform all array cable Terminations and Testing work at East Anglia One Wind Farm. The scope of the work entails the 66kV array cable terminations in all 102 turbines, as well as the installation of the custom-designed cable management system and testing of the High Voltage and Fiber Optic connections. In order to ensure high-quality testwork Vissser & Smit Hanab (V&SH) will deploy its own 66kV VLF/PD testing equipment.  

Global Energy Transition

Visser & Smit Hanab employs the largest team of in-house offshore wind specialists in the industry, with expertise regarding pull-in, cable preparation, termination and testing operations and equipment for both 33kV and 66kV installations. V&SH has an extensive track record of offshore wind high voltage solutions at the major wind farms in North-West Europe.
“Being committed to the global energy transition, we have been focusing on offshore wind development for a decade now. Our dedicated and skilled teams are looking forward to contributing to this major wind farm”, said Arjan Paardekoper, General Manager Offshore Wind.

Clean Energy to 600.000 British homes

Offshore Termination & Testing activities are scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2019. With an installed power capacity of 714 MW, East Anglia One is expected to provide clean energy to more than 600.000 British homes from 2020.
In addition to terminations and testing, V&SH also provides services including consultancy, site inspections, pre-assembly of HV cable sets, testing, maintenance, fault finding and quick response services 24/7 worldwide.