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Vision & Mission

Visser & Smit Hanab develops, builds and maintains sustainable links, networks and installations in energy, water, chemical and petrochemical production. Safety, integrity, quality and professionalism are always top priorities.

Working together to contribute to a sustainable society. That is our ambition. A good relationship and 'connection' with our clients is essential in how we do business. When it comes to sustainable, technologically advanced projects, we want to be our clients' first choice . A solutions-minded and reliable partner who, with its dedicated and enthusiastic staff, can find the best solution at a competitive price. Creating added value is, of course, a precondition in all this.



Access to an ample supply of energy and water resources is vital. It may even become critical in the years ahead. The never-ending development of the built-up environment demands constant modification to the underground infrastructure.   Visser & Smit Hanab is a key player in this. We ensure that the underground infrastructure continues to function adequately, along with high-quality installations. That quality starts with a well-conceived strategy: engineering, expert installation and reliable management & maintenance. We see to it that energy, water and other resources are available at the right place and at suitable locations.